• Blockchain and Business

    Teaching the World How Blockchain Technology will Change Business as we know it

  • Blockchain and Business

    The blockchain has exploded onto the landscape, but what is it?

    The Blockchain and Business Course is here to help

    How the blockchain will change business

    Entrepreneur "Edwin Carlson" is now the COO, Americas of Bright Carbon X, he no longer gives this course remotely. He is available via the FinTech School to give his courses in person.


    This course included interviews with Subject Matter Experts in the use of the blockchain and will show you how the blockchain will revolutionize businesses.


    The transfer of trust from a business to the blockchain is as fundamental a change as the creation of double-entry bookkeeping. Not since the invention of the joint-stock company has an innovation had such a profound impact on the business as we know it. Blockchain and Business prepare you for the changes ahead.




    This course will answer the following questions:

    • What is the blockchain?
    • How the blockchain changes Trust?
    • Is the blockchain appropriate for my company?
    • What are the benefits of using the blockchain?
    • How will it impact my job?


    Praise for Blockchain and Business

    by Luigi Wewege, Author, Fintech Speaker, Entrepreneur

    Edwin brings a new insight into the practical business use of the blockchain. Not only does he know his material, he knows how to apply it to the real world.





    Praise for Blockchain and Business

    by Danny Holland, Ethereum Smart Contract/Token Developer, Consultant, Solver of Problems, Nerd


    Edwin is on a mission to educate the non-technical professional in how the blockchain will be used – without this effort we (in the blockchain community) will fail.



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    The blockchain will change business as we know it

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